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Life is short...

Have Fun. Play Hard. Live Your Best Life.

We know you want a consistent, safe experience every time you use our products which is why we strive to be the MOST transparent company possible.

We source our hemp derived cannabinoids from premium suppliers that guarantee our products are held to the highest standard to create a delicious experience like no other.

All of our gummies are Vegan, Handmade, and formulated with the help of a certified nutritionist to ensure they are actually functionable. We did multiple tests with various formulations until we found the perfect ingredient list for each experience.

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Lokilicious is family-owned and operated. We created this company because we wanted to do something different, something fun, something exciting while also providing a “more than just a high” experience like our gummies which have actual benefits and functional aspects, and are not just there to get you high.

In Norse mythology, Loki is known as the god of mischief. But the only mischievous behavior going on at Lokilicious is how we sneak nutritional additives into our delicious and patently fun gummies. Our team knows that today’s modern cannabis consumer demands transparency of their products and expects a consistent experience, so we hold that standard to the highest regard.

By featuring only high-quality ingredients, Lokilicious ensures that its premium products are held to the highest standards. The result is an experience unlike any other, formulated to help you get the most out of your day and have fun getting there. After all, life is short…Have fun. Play hard. Live your best life with Lokilicious.

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