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More than just a high.

We know you want a consistent, safe experience every time you use our products which is why we strive to be the MOST transparent company possible.

We source our hemp derived cannabinoids from premium suppliers that guarantee our products are held to the highest standard to create a delicious experience like no other.

Our solvent free thermally infused delta-8 flower is grown in our own indoor hydroponic facility, nourished by our four 1200 gallon fish tanks creating an optimal growing environment without the use of chemicals or fertilizers beyond our fishes’ poop. Thank you Mother Nature!

The Answer is an extremely potent mixture of HHC, Delta-8, THCo, THCp, and Blue Dream Cannabis Derived Terpenes. These designer carts are guaranteed to break through to even the heaviest users which is unheard of in the alternative cannabinoid industry. You can expect to feel uplifting with a “floating/weightless” effect that will bring you back to the first time you tried Delta-9 THC (Normal Marijuana). This cartridge is recommended for experienced users only.

Thanks for being honest. We look forward to having you as a customer when you are 21.

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