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  • 0.0/5
    Delta 8 Gonzo Berry

    Gonzo berry features a skunky flavor along with notes of light berry and a pine/oak flavor

  • 0.0/5
    Delta 8 Sunset Sherbert

    Sunset Sherbert is a Cannabis Strain that features light skunky taste with some predominate fruity and floral back ends.

  • 5/5
    The Answer (HHC, D8, CBC, THCp, THCh)


    The Answer is an extremely potent mixture of HHC, Delta-8, CBC, THCp, THCh, and Blue Dream Cannabis Derived Terpenes. These designer carts are guaranteed to break through to even the heaviest users which is unheard of in the alternative cannabinoid industry. You can expect to feel uplifting with a “floating/weightless” effect that will bring you back to the first time you tried Delta-9 THC (Normal Marijuana). This cartridge is recommended for experienced users only. When consumed later in the day it is not uncommon to experience a “hang around” the next morning – a residual warm, calm, and anxiety-free feeling that extends several hours into your next day thanks to the amazing cannabinoid THCp.

  • 0.0/5
    The Quest (HHC, HHCo, HHCp)

    Start your Quest for all of life’s answers when you take a puff of this premium designer blend with OG Kush Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

    This comes with our premium 1ml ceramic cartridge with the best Cannabis Derived Terpenes available on the market.