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Hemp Flower Freshness

Like most plant products, hemp flower has a limited shelf life and should be purchased and consumed within a specific period for the best taste and experience.

We connected with our cultivation team and asked them to share some details about hemp flower freshness.

A flower has peak freshness when it still has a sweet or skunky aroma and is dry, but not so dry it crumbles under slight pressure. Dryness can be expected to a certain degree, but by no means is the flower unsmokeable because it’s dry.  

As time goes on, the aroma of the flower will be less potent.

The shelf life of a flower is 10 to 12 months. After 12 months, the cannabinoids begin to degrade.

Hemp flower is unfit to smoke when it has lost all green and orange pigments.

Flower freshness makes a big difference!

Before consuming flower, make a note of the freshness of the product based on the way it looks and smells. 

Some people prefer very fresh flower while others prefer flower that has aged a little. 

Our expert growing team utilizes techniques and practices used in medical-grade marijuana cultivation and applies them to our hemp growing operation.

We are passionate about high-quality hemp and work hard to put the best products in the hands of our customers.