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How to Enjoy Your First Delta-8 Gummy Safely

Lokilicious delta-8 gummies were created to help you enjoy life a little more. 

Whether enjoyment means hanging out with friends, relaxing at home, or having a good night’s sleep, our delta-8 gummies will help you experience it in a delightful way.

All of our delta-8 gummy products contain 30 mg per dose. 30 mg of delta-8 is a potent dose, especially for those who haven’t consumed delta-anything in a while or ever before. 

If you have never eaten a delta-8 gummy or had a Lokilicious brand gummy before, you should consider yourself a new user. 

We strongly recommend that all new users test their experience with the product with a small sample first.

We recommend new users eat half of one gummy and wait at least 60 minutes, if not up to 90 minutes if their stomach was full, for the gummy to kick in before judging how intense their experience became. 

The amount of food in your stomach when you ate the gummy can profoundly affect how quickly your body absorbs the gummy. 

We do not recommend ever taking more gummies after an initial dose. 

Learn from your experience and make adjustments for your next experience.

Do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery until you’ve had several experiences and understand how your body responds to Delta-8; that being said we do not recommend ever driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery under the influence of any THC product for at least six hours after ingestion.

Delta-8 gummies are wonderful products and can enhance many experiences in a positive way when consumed safely.